New Water System You Made Possible

You are helping to make the world a better, more compassionate place and help those in greatest need experience the transformational power of clean water.

This week construction on one project is set to begin. You made this possible! The scope of work and schematic drawing give the nuts and bolts but not the human impact. Follow along to see the progress from delivery of supplies to digging trenches where PVC pipes will be laid to the faces of the children and families that will be able to turn a spigot on and get clean water close to home.

Photographs show the before and after of a water system completed in June 2019. See the  blog to learn more about the project pictured here .

Photographs show the before and after of a water system completed in June 2019. See the blog to learn more about the project pictured here.

Construction of the water systems set to begin July 2019.

  • The Bitoke-Kiriza Extension Water System

    • Cost: $66,426

    • Scope: 10.200km, (6.34 miles) include 14 tap stands

    • Construction Dates: July 2019 - November 2019

    • Employ: Approximately 60 local people

    • Will serves: over 2,100 residents in the surrounding area, Kiriza Anglican church, Kiriza primary students (668 students & teachers), Kiriza college (156 students & teachers)

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 9.57.25 PM.png


  1. Water is captured from a source before it can become contaminated, it is filtered in the collection chamber and flows onward. PVC pipe is entrenched and carries water to tanks, and continues to multiple tap stands.

  2. Tap stands, like the one pictured in the schematic drawings, are strategically positioned throughout the village within easy walking distance to schools, churches, community centers to maximize access points for residents.

  3. Local workers are hired to construct the water system, this means local citizens know exactly how to maintain and repair the system. To date 50 projects have been funded and built because of generous financial support from people like you.

The Gazelle Foundation has a track record success in Burundi. To date 100,000 people now have access to clean water because of supporters like you. Working in a single, small country means it is easy to track the long-term impact of the water system. Clean water is foundational to community health and economic growth, and the Gazelle Foundation amplifies those effects by employing local workers and local suppliers in water system development.

Due to the unique nature of the Foundation’s structure and in-country partners, the cost to build water systems is lower than average. The Gazelle Foundation is a certified 501(c)3. Donations to the Gazelle Foundation go directly to funding sustainable water systems in Burundi.

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Access to water empowers people with time for school and work, and contributes to improved health for women, children, men, and families. The Gazelle Foundation is able to make an enormous impact on the everyday lives of Burundians by working closely with them to complete clean water projects one village at a time

The Gazelle Foundation raises money for water projects throughout the year and leads educational projects on the importance of clean water.

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