The Gazelle Fall Race Gratitude Challenge

The Gazelle Fall Race Gratitude Challenge

Read how longtime Gazelle Foundation supporters Kim and Bernd combined their passion for running with their passion for philanthropy. They trained for Paris Marathon, and raised money to bring clean water to school children in Burundi. Now they want to challenge you!

This year, during our training for the Paris marathon, we found a new way to focus on being joyful and grateful – we counted every mile we ran in training and committed to donating $1 per mile to others less fortunate than us. The charity of our choice was the Gazelle Foundation for water. —Kim and Bernd

Clean water decreases disease rate by 80%. It puts children back into the classroom by giving them time for education. It allows a village to focus on building a future, earning a living, spending time with family—not searching for water.

Spring For The Water Event Fully Funds Two Water Systems in One Night

Spring For The Water Event Fully Funds Two Water Systems in One Night

AUSTIN, Texas — Attendees showed their gratitude for life and clean water by turning out in force for the 2019 Spring for the Water, the annual fundraising event that raises money for water projects in Burundi, Africa.

150 attendees were at the celebration, raising enough money for the Austin-based Gazelle Foundation to help at least 4,300 people get daily access to clean water in Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world.  

The April 30th event also recognized the 25 anniversary of Gilbert Tuhabonye’s escape from genocide. And recognize several of the key people behind the Gazelle Foundation’s success: philanthropists DK, Mike and Kley Reynolds, accepted the Peter Rauch World Changer Award.

Chikage Windler, Chief Meteorologist, CBS Austin emceed the evening.

Clean Water. Clear Futures. Gazelle Foundation on CBS-Austin We Are Austin

Clean Water. Clear Futures. Gazelle Foundation on CBS-Austin We Are Austin

Gazelle Foundation co-founders Gilbert Tuhabonye and Peter Rauch with Taylor Ellison of CBS Austin’s We Are Austin show Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Talking about the simple beauty of helping others. How families in Burundi used to constantly get sick, but not anymore thanks to work of the Gazelle Foundation. Gilbert Tuhabonye and Peter Rauch tell us how we can all be a part of this important work. Watch Clean Water Clear Futures.

The Secret to Surviving with Gilbert Tuhabonye

Gilbert was featured on Sarah Brokaw's recent Podcast--Shared Secrets

In 1993, when Gilbert was a junior in high school, he was severely burned in a massacre in the Tutsi-Hutu war of Burundi, witnessing mass murder and barely escaping with his life. He spent three months in the hospital recovering, and was told he'd never walk again. In this episode, Gilbert joins Sarah to describe the path he took from the hopelessness to resilience and triumph. He explains how he aims to create meaning from his experience by helping others in a variety of ways, including his work as a running coach and through the Gazelle Foundation. And he shares the #1 tool he's found for discovering your strength in the wake of adversity.   Listen to the episode here.


An Update from the Field: Our current projects

We are excited to share the latest updates from our two current projects, fully funded at the 2017 Spring for the Water. Thank you for helping us transform lives forever. 

Women at the Karuhaya-Kuntatemwa project celebrate the completion of the first tap stand. Women and children are usually tasked with fetching water for their families and are most impacted by the completion for a water system.