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Since 2009, we have focused on bringing clean water and transformative change to songa commune in burundi.  one village at a time.


our Legacy

we measure our success by lives transformed. 

The timeline below outlines the clean water systems we have funded and built thus far.  Each name below is the name of the colline in which the water system is located; however, our water systems distribute clean water over a general area typically impacted 1,500-3,500 for each water system.  Because of the way in which our systems are constructed (by hand) and due to the mountainous terrain, each system can take three to four months to complete.

We build water systems efficiently and effectively

With our streamlined approach, we can maximize our efforts and resources to provide tangible results that directly benefit the people of Burundi.

Step 1

Propose a project—Our project manager on the ground in Burundi identifies a water system project and submits a proposal in conjunction with the local government administration.

Step 2

Review the project—The Gazelle Foundation reviews the project to ensure it serves and supports not only the general population but also schools, medical facilities, and churches

STEp 3

Approve the build—The Gazelle Foundation’s Board of Directors, through the recommendation of the Programs Services Committee, votes to approve funding, and signs a legal agreement between the project manager and the Gazelle Foundation.


Begin the construction—To launch construction of the selected project, we utilize local villagers to perform all labor required for the water system.


Monitor the project—We constantly and continuously receive updates, review milestones and conduct inspections throughout the entire construction process for accountability, and to ensure that metrics for the project’s success are being met before funding continues.

Step 6

Empower the village—At the end of each project, we entrust the entire water system to the local community, giving them true ownership and stewardship of the water system.

transform lives

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