"Let's make History Together..."

“Do you really know the difference you can make? My friends, the transformation happening in Burundi is truly amazing.  And it all starts with access to clean water.  I know firsthand the impact of clean water and the Gazelle Foundation has given this gift of life to more than 84,000 people in the past 11 years.  2018 will be a defining year for the people of Burundi and the Gazelle Foundation.  With your help at this year's Spring for the Water, we can complete our final water project in the Songa Commune and launch our next journey in the Matana Commune, which is a new region with new challenges. I invite you to join us and, together, we can make history and change the world." -  Gilbert Tuhabonye

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We are grateful for our sponsors:

Health Guild
Kelley & Tom Daniel
Liz & Ken Krakow

Visionary Partners
Natalie & Steve Brown
Susan & David Cook
Tracey & Drew Fielder
Margaret & Paul Gaudin
Julie & James Stansberry
Palmer & Andy Quaroni
Chad Whited

Hope Builders
Ben Bentzin Family Fund
Laura & Rex Bohls
Andi & Brent Gillentine
Kim Griger
John Jertson
Leslie & Mark Newberry
Alex Pasadyn
Smalling Family

Your participation will transform lives:

  • 5,100 people live in both Rutundwe and Gitonga colline
  • 650 parishioners attend the local church
  • 1,000 children who attend the local school will gain access to clean water
  • 2 local health clinics, serving 100 people a day, will gain access to life-saving water
  • Villagers travel 1.3 miles carrying heavy jugs to fetch polluted, unsafe water
  • Upon completion, people will walk only ¼ of a mile to fetch clean water
  • 220 local workers will be employed to construct the water project

These water project will increase school attendance, heal communities from illnesses and disease and allow women to spend more time caring for their families and tending to their crops. Once constructed, the local village will gain ownership of the water project instilling a sense of true empowerment.  For the people of Burundi, water is life.  Together, we can continue to transform the lives of people in Burundi.  Join us on May 9th and help us change the world!