Clean water. Clear futures.


The Gazelle Foundation knows that clean water is the key to life. But no one knows this better than the people of Burundi. For more than 11 million people, access to clean water means access to better health, stronger community, jobs, education, and most of all: hope.

Together, we can transform lives and make it possible for an entire country to break from the grips of poverty and flow freely once again.


XXXXX   People without water


Burundi has the 12th highest child mortality rate in the world due to a lack of clean drinking water.


3 Million

Over 3 million people in Burundi will require humanitarian aid this year alone


Waterborne contaminants are the leading cause of death in Burundi


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We can transform their lives forever.

Our hard work is working.


Since partnering with local communities in Burundi, the Gazelle Foundation has built water systems that provide critical access to clean water thereby saving lives and transforming entire villages.



people now receive clean water for life.


schools, churches, hospitals now have clean water.



miles of clean water pipe have been installed by hand.



new jobs have been created in Burundi.

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