Nyakaniga-Gatongo Project Completed!

In August 2017, we received a generous grant from Heineken Africa Foundation, which completely funded the Nyakaniga-Gatongo Project.  We are pleased to announce the completion of this project and now lives are being transformed.  Because of our partnership with HAF, more than 3,400 people, including 250 parishioners and 152 school children, have access to clean water.


This water system will impact more than 3,400 people in the Musenyi area of the Songa Commune. Prior to the water system, women and children walked 2-3 miles to obtain water from small springs and water pools that were contaminated and often shared with livestock. The local school did not have access to clean water so children would arrive to school, often late due to fetching water, and remain in the classroom all day without access to clean water. Similarly, local parishioners would spend up to 8 hours at the local church on Sundays for services where access to clean water was not available. The water system now allows local communities to fetch water from one of the fourteen tap stands that stretch along the 5 miles of hand-trenched pipeline. 

The local village now has ownership of this water system.  Ownership instills a sense of pride and helps strengthen a community. A different kind of future is on the horizon and lives will be forever changed by the gift of clean water.

Tap stand 1 completed.JPG
Tap stand 1.JPG