Newest Project Brings Clean Water to 750 People in Tara Colline

Donors to the Gazelle Foundation continue to change lives with the completion of the Foundation's latest water project. Today, thanks to a new tap stand and water system residents of Tara Colline can collect as much clean water as they need and have time to focus on family, work, or school. 

Clean water transforms lives forever.

Clean water transforms lives forever.

The Gazelle Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of the Bumba-Kanyinya water project, which brings clean water to approximately 750 men, women, and children in Tara Colline of the Songa commune of Burundi. The water system is composed of a collection chamber and a five cubic-meter storage tank that connects to nearly one mile of hand-trenched pipeline that carries water to three tap stands. The three tap stands are placed strategically throughout the community to reduce the distance to fetch water from 2 miles to 1/4 mile.

Construction of Bumba-Kanyinya water project began April 30, 2018, and was completed July 19, 2018.  

For the people of Burundi water is life. Access to clean water means access to better health, stronger community, jobs, education and most of all: hope. Join us and transform lives today!