Run for the Water 2017

RUN FOR THE WATER is only one month away!

Need some motivation to register or continue training? Here's a few tips from Coach Gilbert to help keep you going or inspire you to sign up! 

10-MILE:  Now is the perfect time to add some length to your training runs.  For those of you who are ramping up, getting in five to eight miles over the weekend will serve you well at this point in your training.  You’ll stretch this out over the next couple of weeks.  Don’t worry about pace.   A longer workout once a week is the best way to build endurance without provoking injury.   

5-K:  You’ve got plenty of time to train.  Get out and cover at least two miles.  Keep moving and if you need to rest, do it while walking at a comfortable pace. If you can get out three times per week – go for it!

You can go the distance for yourself and

for someone in Burundi. 

Your registration will ensure one more person in Burundi has access to clean water. For life.