An Update from the Field: Recently Completed Projects

In January 2017, our board of directors approved eight water projects to be completed by the end of year, which will impact 18,250 people in Burundi. To date, we have completed 5 projects. Below are the most recent updates from our completed projects.  

Ryamurago-Rukina- Kuwimigumya Water Project in Mutsinda Colline will impact 2,300 people including 485 school children and is now completely constructed and in use. Our 105 local workers on the ground completed the three collection tanks and installed nine tap stands in addition to digging by hand the trenches stretching close to 4.5 miles.  Clean water is now a reality for nearby villages and time once spent fetching water is now time spent taking care of their family, building community and attending school.  We are grateful to the Nobelity Project for partially funding this project through their Feed the Peace Awards and Gala.

Kirimbi-Mwungo Water Project in Mutsinda Colline will impact 1,900 people including 150 parishoners at the local church. Our 75 local workers completed two collection tanks and seven tap stands and 5 miles of hand trenched pipeline to provide a sustainable source of clean water.  For this community, a closer clean water sources allows for less time in the mountains alone and/or near dangerous water sources--particularly for women and children who are the primary family members fetching water.

Mashuha-Mahonda Extension Water Project in Kiryama Colline is an additional project impacting 1,200 people. We successfully completed the Mashuha-Mahonda project in August 2016 and now the completed extension allows us to impact another village due to the original project. Our 50 local workers completed two collection tanks and installed four tap stands along 2.5 miles of pipeline.