Spring for the Water 2017: Two Projects Completely Funded!

We did it! We raised more than $125,000 making this year’s Spring for the Water the most successful in the history of the event!  Because of the amazing generosity of our sponsors and attendees, we have completely funded the Muryamurebe-Kigembe Project, which will provide clean water to 2,800 people AND we also completely funded the Karuhaya-Kuntatemwa Water Project, which will provide clean water to another 1,800 people.

Both of these projects will transform entire villages—children can attend school on a regular basis, women can focus on their crops and livestock; water-borne illnesses are dramatically reduced; local workers use their salaries to send their children to school, buy additional livestock and contribute to the building of their community. At the end of the project, the local village gains ownership of the water project instilling a sense of true empowerment.

Event Photos

Missed the fun but still want to make a difference?  There’s still more work to be done for the people of Burundi and your support will help us reach this year’s goal of impacting 18,250 lives in Burundi by the end of 2017. Donate now.  Change a life forever.

We are so incredibly thankful and humbled by the support of our Gazelle Foundation family—Together, we are transforming lives forever.

  • Community Leadership Circle Sponsor
  • Palmer and Andy Quaroni
  • Keller Williams
  • Cornerstone Society Sponsor
  • Janet and Burnie Burner
  • Leslie and Mark Newberry
  • Andrea and Richard Stovall
  • Health Guild Sponsor
  • Tracy and Drew Fielder
  • Leslie and Arthur Delvesco
  • Paula and Chris McCaul
  • Beth and Taylor Sherwood
  • Kimberly Storin and Bernd Lienhard
  • Courtney and Blake Houston
  • Visionary Partner Sponsor
  • Anonymous
  • Natalie and Steve Brown
  • Lucy Nazro
  • Laura and Rex Bohls
  • Julie and James Stansberry
  • Becky and James Urhausen
  • Ben Bentzin Family Fund
  • Susan and David Cook
  • Kelley and Tom Daniel
  • Monica and Steve Johnson
  • Margaret McCarthy and Michael Potter
  • Margaret and Paul Gaudin
  • Joan and Dan McNamara
  • Maurie and Corby James
  • Susan and Doug Magnum
  • Terry and Brian Modoff
  • Linda and Dave Parmeter
  • Liz and Ken Krakow
  • Kimberly and Dan Renner
  • Carol and Andrew Reifsnyder
  • SBCW Mortgage