Amplify Austin results


You deserve a round of applause!

Thanks to your generosity, the Gazelle Foundation’s Amplify Austin campaign raised almost $24,000! And we won the $1,000 bonus for most donations between the 5-6 AM hour, boosting our grand total for the day to $25,000!  Your donations will soon be a life-transforming change for 834 Burundians. 

At the Gazelle Foundation, we know the power of community. Our Gazelle Foundation community came together and changed the lives of people in another community across the world. Having access to clean water, preventing disease, increasing school attendance, and stimulating local economies are just some of the tangible and measurable changes we helped to create.  But the real change comes when a community is given hope for the future, an opportunity to thrive, and faith in others—that’s the change that transforms lives. And that's exactly what you did.

Thank you for supporting our work and our mission and a special thank you to our fearless leader, Gilbert, for running 30 Wilke hill repeats...each one with joy.

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Amplify Austin 2018-11.jpg