Amplify Austin: 25 Wilke Hill Repeats

Gilbert Tuhabonye has helped thousands of Austinites run farther and faster than they ever imagined possible. And his personal story of surviving a brutal massacre in his native country of Burundi has inspired millions around the world. 


Beginning at 6 am Friday (3/1) Gilbert will run 25 Wilke hill repeats to honor his 25th anniversary, and to raise funds for Amplify Austin. Come cheer, run, or support him through a donation. Donations give the opportunity and hope Gilbert found in Texas to his birth country, Burundi. It’s an essential first step in breaking the cycle of poverty, halting the spread of waterborne illnesses, and promoting and supporting opportunity. If you've read his book, heard him speak, or met him, you know that Gilbert is a living inspiration. Join the 25 years of gratitude campaign.

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$100.00 The gift of a salary for one local worker building the water project.

$30.00 The gift of clean water for one Burundian. For Life.

The Gazelle Foundation is able to make a positive impact on the everyday lives of Burundians by working closely with them to complete clean water projects one village at a time.

Your support has a big impact. Learn about a project we completed that gives water to 2,750 people every single day.