Impact of 2019 Spring For The Water event: 2 Water Systems Fully Funded


At this year’s Spring for the Water event, you fully funded two new water systems in Burundi in just one evening! Attendees and supporters raised enough money for the Austin-based Gazelle Foundation to fully fund two water systems and help at least 4,300 people get daily access to clean water in Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world.  The two systems are;

  • The Musinzira-Rwasanga-Mahango Water System

    • Cost: $85,797

    • Scope: 13.25 km, 14 tap stands

    • Construction Dates: August 2019 - October 2019

    • Employs: Approximately 75 local people

    • Serves: over 2,300 residents in the surrounding area, two schools, and three churches

  • The Nyarumang-Musagara-Kibirizi Water System

    • Cost: $45,392

    • Scope: 6km, include 9 tap stands

    • Construction Dates: November 2019 - January 2020

    • Employs: Approximately 55 local people

    • Serves: over 2,000 residents in the surrounding area, a health clinic, and school

Learn more about these projects—from schematic drawings down to the number of bags of concrete that will be used, click on this link.

The April 30th event also recognized the 25th anniversary of Gilbert Tuhabonye’s escape from genocide. It also recognized several key people behind the Gazelle Foundation’s success: philanthropists DK, Mike, and Kley Reynolds accepted the first annual Peter Rauch World Changer Award. Chikage Windler, Chief Meteorologist, CBS Austin emceed the evening. 

Two videos played at the event. One, with subtitles, shows the impact that access to water has on people’s daily lives.

How Water Systems Impact Lives in Burundi Africa Video

The second video shows how and why the Gazelle Foundation was conceived, key people behind the Foundation’s success, and why DK, Mike and Kley were awarded the first Peter Rauch World Changer Award. The Peter Rauch World Changer award was established in 2019 to commemorate humanitarian efforts that exemplify optimism and perseverance and have helped the Gazelle Foundation bring the transformational power of clean water.

2019 Spring For The Water Video

Link to Spring For The Water event photo gallery

Thank you for your support of the Gazelle Foundation and its mission to save lives by providing clean water for life! 


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While many Americans take access to clean water for granted, for the people of Burundi, it’s a matter of life and death. Waterborne contaminants are the leading cause of death in the land-locked African nation. Burundi has one of the world’s highest child mortality rates due largely to a lack of clean drinking water.

The Gazelle Foundation is able to make an enormous impact on the everyday lives of Burundians by working closely with them to complete clean water projects one village at a time

The Gazelle Foundation raises money for water projects throughout the year and leads educational projects on the importance of clean water.

Learn how you can join the Gazelle Foundation in transforming lives. Become a monthly or one time donor.